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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pretty Addictions Cosmetics

Ok First of all let me just say this company is amazing.The products are fantastic, the colors are to dye for and this company has one of the best owners i have ever had the privilege of getting to know.
I made my first purchase from Pretty Addictions on the 15th of September (this month) I ordered about 13 samples and was so pleased with the products I ordered again on the 19th and just recently for the 3rd time the other day.
I have to say the colors are so vivid and beautiful and just look amazing when you put them on.My daughter and I were literally fighting over who would get to keep which color.LOL
We loved them so much so of course i had to order again but this time I decided to get 5gram jars which are full size products.
The prices are so affordable.You can get a baggie sample for only 1.00 (which a good amount of product) or you can get a clam shell sample for only 1.25 (which is a great amount for a sample size).
Of course you can also get full size products in 5gram jars for only 3.50 (that's insane,so much product) and 10gram jars for only 5.50 .Can you say OMG how amazing are her prices and guess what shipping is as little as 2.00 seriously 2 freakin bucks,that's unheard of.
She also offers a
variety of blushes and bronzers and a highlighter which is her personal favorite and she sells the cutest flower hair pins and O yes I just ordered 2 that should be here soon.
I hope you guys love this post and check out her Face book page  and website
cause really who wants to pay an arm and a leg for beauty products in a department store just because people think/say they are high end,really people they make that stuff for so cheap and then rip you off charging so much, you can get these beauty products for so much less and they are just as good if not better.
Her customer service is amazing and she is so attentive to her customers and the process and shipping time is super fast.I literally get my packages from her the same week I order.What could be better then that.

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