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Thursday, July 28, 2011

For the love of Candles By Victoria /Learn the signs of obsession

Ok I have to start off by saying I'm in love,seriously this scented wax is no joke.I have been ordering from Candles By Victoria since February of this year.I don't think a month has went by that I haven't ordered (can you say obsessed).LOL
Notice the signs of CBV obsession  (Of course this is me all the way).LOL
You know your obsessed when you plan your orders months in advance.
You  know your obsessed when you visit the site everyday just to plan and price an order.
You know your obsessed when you stalk UPS waiting at the window for your CBV package.
You know your obsessed when you have tons of candles and scent shots that are new but you order more.
You know your obsessed when you have a candles by Victoria wish list
You know your obsessed when you cry about the last bit of a candle/scent shot you have left. 
You know your obsessed when every conversation you have no matter who it's with is about CBV.
You know your obsessed when your husband and kids know as much about CBV as you do. 
You know your obsessed when you wake up at the crack of dawn just for a CBV sale.
I have to be serious though and say that when i first heard about CBV from my niece I was like ok I like candles and all things that smell good,but I had no idea what I was ordering.From the moment my first order came I was hooked and since then I have gotten my mother,my aunt,my daughter and a few friends hooked to CBV as well.
It's so amazing to me that I can be so addicted to wax,but if you've tried candles by Victoria then you know exactly what i'm talking about.
I'm always so excited when I know I have a package coming.I literally stare out my window all day waiting for the UPS man to ring my bell,Sometimes I run downstairs and meet him outside (I have done that many many times)and when I have that package in my hands I'm in heaven.It's the best feeling in the world.
There are so many scents to choose from,I literally stay on the site for hours adding things to my cart to place an order because with over 650 scents and more being released every month it is not like you can just go on there and place an order without it being a tough decision.
Scent shots are a great way to try out a lot of different scents and their only 2 dollars,that's insane.Not only does candles by Victoria have thee most amazing scented wax but everything is so affordable O and don't even get me started about their customer service which is awesome.I have never come across a company that cared so much about their customers and work so hard to make them happy until I found Candles By Victoria.I gotta tell ya they are the best and they actually listen to their customers and do everything they can to make sure that we are 100% satisfied.
Now on to some of my favorites.Since ordering can be difficult I thought I would share some of my absolute must have favorite CBV scents with you all.
# 1  Bath time with pooh  - It was love at first sniff.This scent is like a sweet honey candy for your nose,it's comforting and relaxing and a great scent to burn/melt all year long.
# 2  Morning in Madrid - This scent is amazing,it's fruity orange scent will have you also has something else that gives it a little kick like a peppery fizz.
# 3  Pink Cupcake - OMG this smells exactly like a sweet funfetti cake with vanilla frosting.It's the best cupcake/cake scent i have ever smelled.
# 4  Bella Swan - This is such a beautiful scent.I smell a sweet fruity floral mixture.This a must have whether your a twilight fan or not, you'll love this one.
# 5 Fruit loops - I am amazed that an exact scent of a cereal can be captured in wax but CBV did it.This smells just like the crumbs at the bottom of a fruit loops cereal box.
# 6 Mango sorbett - I love this one,It smells so fruity and you can smell the mango and other fruits equally.this is a great combo and It's one of Victoria and Candle man's Favorites too. (how cool is that)

Here's a little poem I wrote to express the way I feel about Candles By Victoria 
 Victoria's candles are simply the best,don't waste your money on anything less.If sweet smelling comfort is what you need then CBV is the best and that you can don't be decieved by other brands that you know.Order your CBV today,that's the way to go.
  With over six hundred scents and more on the way,your CBV will make you happy every single day and with candle man packaging your amazing treats you better believe they'll arrive in one piece.Their one of a kind and hand poured with love it's as if they were sent from the heavens above.So I guess you can say Victoria's candles are made from angel's every single day :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Playing with your scent shots (what can you spell)

My daughter Haley and I were bored and decided to play with our scent shots and thought it would be fun to spell CBV with them.LOL
I'm hoping we are not the only ones that have done this.I know crazy right but it was fun and I'm sure we will be doing this again as we order more and more scent shots.We did have a few more but they weren't enough to spell anything.I love the colors,it's like a beautiful CBV rainbow made of scent shots.We are CBV obsessed,what about you ?
I wonder, what can you spell with your CBV scent shots ?


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Candles By Victoria Order review (July 1st sale order)

Featured in this video are all of the items from my sale order that I purchased myself except for the free scent shot and MOTM candle which was givin to me for being voted member of the month on Victoria's candle message board the pouring pot.  
I have been hooked to Candles by Victoria since February of this year.My niece told me about CBV that month and since then I've been obsessed.I often visit the website just looking about and plotting my next order.I know crazy right but I just can't get enough (I'm sure I'm not the only one).There are so many scents to choose from and I want them all so what really helps me is my CBV wish list (which keeps getting bigger and bigger with every review I read/see from other CBV customers.I would suggest everyone definitely make a CBV wishlist of what you already love from CBV and what you want to order, it really helps when making those tough decisions on what to order next