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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Candles By Victoria review /Featuring a new black label cande

Hi everyone 
So as you know I'm a huge fan of the most awesome candle company ever Candles By Victoria.
I placed an order after midnight on September 1st and ordered scents that I have never tried before including one of her new Top Shelf Premium Fragrance Candles From their new Black Label line.
The candle I chose to purchase is called Mojito and let me just say WOW this candle is amazing.The scents are so well blended together and so complex it's hard to place this scent in any category but the Black Label line.The candles are very classy,up scale and beautifully hand made.I just love the Black and White theme.
To me it smells fresh and clean yet fruity and sugary candy sweet.One thing is for sure I definitely chose wisely and I would recommend this candle to anyone wanting to purchase a Black Label candle.Mojito is a perfect scent for any day of the year.

  Top Shelf Premium Fragrance Candle - Mojito - New Black Label Line

  This are the other candles/scent shots I purchased 
12oz - Sweet treat candle - Chocolate peanut butter - Amazing and adorable,This candle is so cute it's decorated with mini chocolate shapes bars and chocolate sprinkles.It's smells so good the chocolate is a wonderful scent and the peanut butter smells like it's right out the jar.

4oz - Sugared Spruce - sweet sugary candy scented pine Christmas tree - Love this 

4oz - Chocolate mint - This one a good scent but I get more of the mint right now.It smells like a peppermint patty more then mint chocolate chip ice cream.Ill let this one cure for a while.That always helps.
Pink sugar - This smells exactly like the perfume pink sugar,very sweet and candy like scented

Trick or Treat -  This to me smells like candy corn and caramel corn mixed together.This is one of the best Halloween type scents I have ever smelled

Sugar Cookies - This smells like sugar cookie dough right now.I can smell a sweet sugar scent but I smell more of a doughy note in it.I'll let this one cure for a while too.

Reese's peanut butter - This smells amazing.It smells just like a reese's peanut butter cup candy.I literally wanted to eat one of those candies after smelling this.

Sugarcane & bamboo - What a great clean spa like scent.I can smell a hint of sweetness and even the bamboo in this one.It's a great scent for the bathroom and or to have on while cleaning.

Genevieve's Tea ring - This is a nice scent.It smells like a baked good with a little bit of spiced Tea.I liked this one and the story of how this scent came to be is such a great story. (new scent)

Autumn leaves - A great Fall scent.When I sniffed this I can picture being a kid again and playing outside in the leaves,jumping in those big piles of leave.It also reminds me of trees and the outdoors. (new scent)

Nut House -  This was the name that scent and let me just say OMG it's smells so good. It smells nutty and creamy.This smells just like Pistachio pudding or the ice cream.I love it (new scent)

Free scent shot/ Bergamot & Mandarin - This one is so good .I can smell the orange note from the mandarin and also something else that must be bergamot.It had no idea this one would be this good but I really like it.

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