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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Candles By Victoria order reviews for July/August

Scent Shots I ordered
Country fair funnel cake - A sweet baked doughy scent,you can literally smell the powdered sugar on top and it's even better when melted.
Cinnamon donuts - This smells exactly like a cinnamon donut,you can smell the cinnamon right away and then you get this donut doughy scent.amazing.
Lime crystal kisses - This scent is amazing,you can smell a nice refreshing lime scent with a really nice light floral mix.
Raspberry Rainbow- This smells so good,you definitely smell the raspberry along with a mix of other fruits,this is definitely candle worthy.
Green apple -  This smells exactly like a tart and tangy granny smith apple so if you love the smell of green apple then you will love this scent.
Root beer float - This smells just like root beer with a hint of vanilla,almost like a sweet root beer candy.
Sunburst - This is a very light orange scent,I imagine the sun coming down and kissing the freshly grown oranges.if that makes any sense.
Brown sugar short bread - OMG this scent is amazing and even better when can smell this sweet brwon sugar scent paired with a sweet shortbread cake like scent.
Brown sugar - It's amazing but this really does smell like brown sugar,to me it smells like a sweet caramelized brown sugar.
Orange carrot cake delight - This is a great scent if you love carrot cake and orange,you can smell both scents equally and they smell amazing together.i would eat this :)
Honey orange - I love this scent,I can smell sweet honey mixed with citrus of my new favorites.
Skinny dippin -  This one is a really nice blend of fruits mixed with a bit of perfume and kind of clean smelling,at least that is what I smell.I really like it.(Congrats to Anne from the CBV message board for naming it)
Banana brown sugar drizzle - It's all in the name.A sweet banana scent with a mix of sweet cooked brown sugar.Love this one
 Brandied custard - This was also a new favorite.This to me smells like a sweet custard and it even smells a bit creamy. I love it.
Candles I ordered  
4oz mini's
Pink cupcake -  This is definitely a favorite.All I smell is a sweet cake with vanilla frosting,my daughter says it smells like funfetti cake mix.
Bella Swan -  This is also a favorite.I smell this sweet fruity/perfume smell and even though there is no grape in it you smell a hint of that too.
Mango sorbett -  This smells like heaven,I can smell the mango mixed with i have no idea what but it's really good and it has an amazing scent throw.
And last but certainly not least the Gooey Cinnamon Bun Candle
This candle smells amazing and looks just like a real gooey cinnamon bun drizzled with sweet icing and topped with crumbles of cinnamon and sugar.There are even little mini cinnamon buns around the bowl hidden under the icing.This is a must have candle for all year round and It would make an amazing gift too.



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