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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Candles By Victoria Order review (July 1st sale order)

Featured in this video are all of the items from my sale order that I purchased myself except for the free scent shot and MOTM candle which was givin to me for being voted member of the month on Victoria's candle message board the pouring pot.  
I have been hooked to Candles by Victoria since February of this year.My niece told me about CBV that month and since then I've been obsessed.I often visit the website just looking about and plotting my next order.I know crazy right but I just can't get enough (I'm sure I'm not the only one).There are so many scents to choose from and I want them all so what really helps me is my CBV wish list (which keeps getting bigger and bigger with every review I read/see from other CBV customers.I would suggest everyone definitely make a CBV wishlist of what you already love from CBV and what you want to order, it really helps when making those tough decisions on what to order next

Scents shots
Vanilla after dark
Pink cupcake
Pink sugar
Banana pancake
Cherry cobbler
Fluffer nutter
Mango macadamia nut
Luscious lime
Chocolate banana
Silent bob goes to the beach (free ss)
Lovin lemon  (free ss)
Bikini bottoms
Granny's pie crust
22oz tureen candle  - Bella swan (Grape & Gold glitter)
4oz candle  - Twilight
8oz candle - CBV surprise candle
lady bug bowl candle - pink cupcake
MOTM candle - love, Victoria candle - Scent - Georgia summer (bright orange & pink glitter) i think


  1. Your ferret is so cute.great review i love the pictures too.

  2. Thank you.yes rocky is adorable but he can be a handful.I'm surprised he stayed still for the video.I'm glad you enjoyed the video and pictures.We love doing reviews for CBV.They are my absolute favorite scented wax products because they're the best.