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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Candles By Victoria (new scents/my collection)

Hey everyone I just wanted to share my CBV collection with you and tell you all what I think of candles by victoria and some of their new candles and also i wanted to show off my own CBV goodies.Visit for amazing highly scented candles and tarts at affordable prices,with over 650 scents to chose from they have something for everyone.
All of their candles are poured fresh when you order them and are homemade from the heart.they are the candle store that comes to your door.  (don't delay visit the website today)
I would love to hear your thoughts on new and old CBV scents and feel free to share your favorite scents with me.
Visit my youtube channel for tons of review videos about CBV

                                             (sweet treat line) Pink cupcake candle -$ 13.75
                      Love,Victoria glitter candle (aqua/black glitter) scent - bath time with pooh -$ 18.00
                                          Peanut butter Chocolate banana slice dream -$ 25.00
                                          Mini bread pan candle /scent - Log Cabin - $10.50
                                                  (sweet treat line) Hawaiian coloda  -$ 13.75
                                      New Sweet Treat candles/pink cupcake & Hawaiian coloda
                                      Part of my CBV collection (scents shot are only $ 2.00 each)
                                                 Candles by Victoria candles and scent shots
                                        Mini jelly jar candles -$ 5.00/ 8oz jelly jar candles -$ 7.50
                                  Tons of CBV candles &scent shots/over 650 scents to chose from
                                  Highly scented and beautifully hand crafted/mini 8oz tureen $ 9.75
 My amazing Candles by Victoria collection (scented oils $7.50 -$ 13.00)
                                      S'mores galore candle -$ 19.50 (beautiful decorative candle)

All questions are welcomed and will always be answered :)


  1. Thank you Victoria,I'm so glad you love it

  2. wow awesome pics,those candles look amazing.thanks for posting a link to the site.

  3. pretty pictures.i love candles too

  4. Thank you so much.I'm so glad you love the pictures.I will add more whenever I get new CBV candles and SS.